May- grrrlz*DaIY about Angela Davis

Angela Davis is a political activist from the USA. She is especially known
for analyzing the interrelations of racism, sexism and
classism, and for her radical prison criticism.

The grrrlz*-DaIY in May deals with her life and her political
postulations.Therefore we‘re going to watch a documentation and talk about it. If you
have texts, movie-clips, or whatever by or about Angela Davis, feel free to bring them
with you. According to the slogan .Do it together!. everyone can give inputs
and shape the evening.
After and during the discussion we provide: Dinner, cocktails, talk,
material for painting a banner, etc…

friday, 25th of may
open until 19h
Niklotstreet 5/6
Cafe Median

We‘ll try to make translations into different languages available. Maybe you want
to help us with that and translate for someone else?